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Pool Fencing is Required for Adoption, Foster Care, and Child Care Providers

Having a swimming pool is lots of fun for children. But, it can be a threat for possible drowning. Every pool should have a protective safety barrier around it to prevent little ones from accidentally falling in.

Did you know that the State of California law requires that if you have a swimming pool or pond on your property and you want to adopt a child, provide licensed child care, or take in a child for foster care you must install a surrounding barrier? A removable pool fencing system is the perfect solution – it’s affordable, is easy to install, and you can set it up, or remove it in just minutes!

The Law Requires:

  1. A 5-foot surrounding barrier with a self-closing gate that latches and locks.
  2. The gate latch lever needs to be 5-feet high.
  3. The gate must open away from the pool or pond and self-close and latch within 30 seconds.
  4. No doors or windows from the house can open to the swimming pool or into the pool fence.
Pool Guard Removable Fencing qualifies your requirements if you want to adopt a child, take in a foster child, or be a child-care provider. To meet the state’s requirements, we’re the perfect solution. We can get you the required swimming pool protection right away, plus it’s affordable. As we all know, caring for children, or starting a child-care business can get costly. The price for permanent fencing made of wood, iron, or plaxi glass can be very expensive. But, mesh fencing systems costs much lower, is quicker to install, and is easy to set-up or take-down. It’s affordable and flexible, but most importantly, provides the swimming pool protection to prevent drowning. Pool Guard’s lifetime warranty gives you the safety and security you deserve for years to come. Now that’s peace of mind!

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